The site is operated by Lajos Nyerges (HB9GIU) and Gabor Nagy (HA7GN). Our aim is to share ham radio related ideas, experiences we gained and tools created by us or others that we found useful throghout the years. Articles are published in various categories such as antenna building, contest planning, or basic electronics experiments. These topics are recommended to those who are new to ham radio.

However, the primary focus is on station remote control. While seeking for the most reliable solution to control our contest station we have done extensive tests of commercially available equipment and found opportunities to simplify and improve. Since we are two family men with plenty of duties; time has always been a key factor during the implementation.That was the reason we started working with development boards other than investing time in special hardware desing with endless debugging and programming everything from scratch. The development boards are supported from the community from all over the world by useful libraries and ready-to-use program blocks. We have made efforts to combine, test and further develop these open source packages to create affordable solutions for those who are new to station remote control. Stay tuned.


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