Since approximately the summer of 2008 I had been trying to find an appropriate location for contesting purposes. Spent hours in front of the PC browsing ads on the internet to match at least part of the criterias:

- excellent natural gain of the territory towards the main directions (US/JA)

- empty land with no buildings

- within an hour (or two) drive from home

- 2-3.000m2

- affordable price

- electricity already available or at least in affordable proximity

- last, but not least it is nearby something the family can enjoy too.


It seemed completely hopless till a family weekend spent in the Matra mountains. Matraszentlaszlo was the place; I saw the first time it will match most of my criteria, but the price.. There were a couple of estates on sale somwhat larger than expected for prices 4x more than my house back home. The nearby ski resorts were the reason behind. This fact made it clear; the place is perfect, but will never own a land here.

Started to look for a place to rent for contests. Actually, it was easier than expected, thanks to the land lady who hosted me for several years in her guest house.

I had the chance to test the site for a few years, when a nearby land becamce on sale in 2012. The size is a fraction of 2-3.000m2, but still matching the rest of the criteria.

Before making the deal I wanted to double check what I buy, so run a "quick" terrain analysis using the N6BV software.


The below graphs show why I finally made that decision.