One of my favorit contests is the IARU HF World Championships. I try to participate every year since 2008, from either home or the rental location in Matra. The difficulity is whichever place I choose I have to build antennas for all 6 bands a day before (or the morning of) the event. Even if I do it from home it is a field day style operation (from a tent in the yard) to avoid cross disturbance with the family.

I used to operate in the Single Operator Mixed Mode Low Power category.

The setup is still not ready for an effective phone contesting (lack of voice memory configuration) I still insist to participate in mixed mode even though I probably could do better in the CW only.

These are miscellaneous photos taken of the antennas, operating tents and others during the years. In most of the cases I am not ready by the contest start with all equipment/aerial installations (after a full day/night work on Friday); in 2013 I was only missing the 160m antenna.. but at least I started on time and was able to work thru the 24 hours.