After two years of extensive testing and rigorous fine tuning we have deployed our RemoteMate units for serious contesting efforts. The original idea was to develop a contest ready, but affordable remote control system for our Yaesu radios (FT2k, FT5k, FT450, FT991). The concept is not new; controlling a remote radio with a local one via the internet (for any Server/Client combination of the listed radios). The result is; we have found a reliable, mass produced high performance development board as the base hardware installed with open source codes and our own ones to achieve the best real time operating experience. We made it for our own use to meet our own expectations.

The related documents are being finalized to release on GitHub as soon as other duties permit. On these pages additional details and information will be available for those who are interested to build, install and use or further develop it.

Look for updates, leave a comment, send an email or post your questions on the forum. 


RemoteMate Server unit operating the FTdx5000. The "Black box" on top of the radio contains a Raspberry Pi3 taking care of the audio streaming, PTT and CW keying.


Screenshot taken of the web Configurator for the RS (Remote Server). It is accessible from any internet browser to monitor the Server operation, connection status, server CPU temperature.

Besides the Network, Radio type and Serial parameter settings utility, also the two-way Audio controls, and a direct-CAT command window is available from the easy to use menu.


Take a look at the following recording made by a UK SWL station during the HA90AM activity when I operated in remote SSB.


RemoteMate SSB quality - UK SWL recording

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