In a few days time the official results will be published on the CQ Magazin's home page. Regardless of the final ranking I can hardly wait for it. The score is expected to be my all time second best on 20m while running the full contest for the first time from remote with our own developed RemoteMate pack.

Running Remote is judged differently by hams. I had to move my operating activity outside of the area we live some years ago for the same reasons most hams need to. The place I found is just perfect, but is also far away to enjoy as frequently I desire. Remote operation is the way for me.

So, why it is so different contesting remote..? Internet latency is ultimately responsible for the TX/RX switching delays between the individual pieces of a QSO impacting the running rate or the received audio quality. Missing dits are also there more frequently due the internet hick-ups. We have experimented a lot on optimizing audio quality and CAT cmd transfers to use minimum bandwith for a high speed CW contest.

The station got upgraded during the year with the 2 x 4L 20m monoband Yagi stack (@11m/20m) and the crank-up tower that tricked us a few times in the summer. The stack and rotation control has been simplified by OEM Products and were running flawless thru the season. Since the beginning we have been using automatic OM-Power amps. We had isssues with the different firmware versions of the individual models. After several upgrades/downgrades we have abandoned the CAT control of these amps. The issue comes when the communication is lost with the amp.. and it does not tune or changes band. The amp we need for remote is an RF sensing one like the OM2000A+. Need no bothering with CAT communication settings, firmware upgrade, no risk to lose connection, does not occupy internet bandwith. It just tunes when it's time to do so.

Prior to the contest I heard from Attila, HA2NA that a special event activity was going to take place between NOV15 & DEC15. With 12 special callsigns we celebrated the 90th anniversary of the MRASZ. A few of us from area 7 has been assigned to HA90AM. Even if it was a busy period at work I was able to run the station daily from remote and made about 6k QSO and had the opportunity to use it during the WW DX CW in SOSB20HP.


Call: HA9ØAM
Operator(s): HA7GN
Station: HA7GN


Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
QTH: Matraszentimre
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Location: Eastern Europe
Remote operation


Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs Zones Countries
20: 2151 36 142
Total: 2151 36 142 Total Score 851,730




73, Gabor (HA7GN)



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